Student Voices

“Year 11 and Sixth Form almost feel like two completely different worlds, but, with the amazing support of our teachers, we are made as comfortable as possible in our new environment. Despite the massive jump from GCSE to Advanced Level, we are motivated by the adults around us and one another, which not only allows us to grow as a collective, but also embrace the words of encouragement given by the supportive Convent staff.

Our teachers in Sixth Form trust us to organise our study materials, as well as study independently. We are fortunate enough to have classroom sizes that are smaller than many large colleges, allowing us to grow closer as a class, and independently flourish through one-to-one support from our teachers. It also means we have more opportunities to share our opinions and discuss our lessons with classmates.

One of the main reasons I decided to stay at the Convent is because I feel education must be thought-provoking, passionate, raw and truly an experience. I have not been disappointed. The level of political and social consciousness among my peer group is truly moving.

I feel blessed to be able to launch my journey into higher education with the Convent being my first stop. I am very aware that the world of education is complex, but it has been the mentorship, teacher support and at-home support that allows me to say that I am truly excited for what the future holds for myself and my peers.” Hannah, Head Girl


“I am glad I chose to continue my studies here at the Convent. It has enabled me to grow as an individual with an effective support system and a team of teachers who push me to achieve my full potential. I study Art, Photography and Spanish and have a strong bond with the teachers who offer advice whenever needed.” Cheneille Mae


“I decided to remain at the Convent for Sixth Form because here I had the opportunity to do all the subjects I wanted, as the Convent is part of a Consortium with other local schools. As well as studying Italian and Maths here I also study Computer Science at Newman. The wider range of subjects offered allowed me to find my passion and what I want to do in the future.” Oana


“The environment here encourages us to grow as individuals, both intellectually and emotionally. I have really understood the importance of my voice and the significance of becoming politically conscious, as well as becoming an advocate for social change. I can confidently say that my decision to stay at the Convent was greatly beneficial to my wellbeing and I would recommend it to any student.” Shafa


“Being here in the Sixth form has impacted me so positively. My teachers have encouraged me to grow and become much more confident and outspoken about the things that matter to me. I’m incredibly lucky to also have other strong andsophisticated women around me who I can learn with and gain inspiration from. The Convent Sixth form has brought out the best in me and made me understand that there is so much we can do if we are determined to make things happen.” Jasmina


“I decided to stay at the Convent Sixth form to continue my studies in my favourite subjects. I study Art and Photography and the facilities and equipment are amazing; excellent cameras, a new darkroom and photography studio and a workspace specifically for Sixth formers. Our teachers are inspirational and encourage us to do our best.” Ayisha


“One of the things I’ve found most helpful about Sixth form is our dedicated Study Room. We go there for independent study, to catch up on our coursework and revise for upcoming tests. It’s nice and quiet to help us concentrate so we can get the amazing grades we want!” Shahrazad


“The Convent Sixth form is a home for people of all races, religions and cultures. Creativity is such an important part of Convent life and we are encouraged to grow more than educationally. Activities such as music, art and expressive literature remind me how as an individual I am more than my grades, as well as allowing me to see alternative perspectives.” Himakshi