Student Support Services

It is an integral part of the support system available to students. The support offered by the team seeks to address and aid students in removing barriers to learning. The team delivers its provision through one to one mentoring, manages the counselling service in the school and depending on needs can run group support programmes. The support in place aim to empower students by raising levels of self-esteem and self-awareness in order to prepare them for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in both school and adult life.


Overview of the support offered to students

One to One Mentoring:

Mentoring sessions are one hour weekly sessions for a minimum of six weeks, dependent on need. The aims of the sessions are to support and coach individual students with their holistic wellbeing in mind.



One to One Counselling is offered by the Catholic Children’s Society. Students meet their counsellor weekly. These trained therapists provide the necessary and individualised support according to needs.

Ambassadors groups, there are three Ambassadors groups across the years, to support students in the school community, they are:

The Transition Ambassadors = supporting students transitioning from year 6 to year 7, helping the integration to secondary school for the youngest year group.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors = students from all year groups raise anti-bullying awareness throughout the year, with different activity leading in assemblies during National Anti-Bullying week.


“I wanted to become an anti-bullying Ambassador because I have experienced bullying and know how it can affect you and your mental health. I wanted to be able to help others who are bullied so that they do not have to go through that. I feel that the ant-bullying Ambassadors have helped to make a difference within our school community. I like that the Ambassadors do activity that are fun but also get the message across  that bullying is not good and isn’t and will not be tolerated in our school.” Lily Mejuto-Ellwood 8Katherine

“As an anti-bullying Ambassador, I get to give back to my school community. Through this role I have been given the chance to see how bullying affects everyone differently and that people are bullied for a variety of reasons. Being able to help others by spreading awareness, through assemblies, conferences and events, and having the necessary training to actively stop bullying is important to me because I get to do good things and feel good about them as well.” Sherae Callum, 10 Cecilia

“As an anti-bullying Ambassador, I got to take part in group discussions and think about ways in which we could help students who got bullied. Through these hard times, I have learnt how bullying affects people’s healthy lifestyles and studies. As a group, we were able to raise awareness through assemblies and other events such as Odd Sock’s Day. It has been a great experience to help and understand other people’s feelings.” Nehal Fernandes 11Florentina

The Well-Being Ambassadors = the older students from the 6th form actively promotes spaces andactivities throughout the year to nurture well-being, de-stress and support toward the start of the exam season.

There are also several groups programmes used ad hoc when requested, aimed at supporting students in removing their barriers to learning and aiding their development and wellbeing, amongst various:

Transition Programme, Behaviour Support Programme, Anger Management Programme, Social Media and Self-Esteem Programme, Positive Pathways Programme, Friendship & Trust Programme and Self-Worth Programme.