Welcome to House St Katherine


Katherine’s Values: ‘Independent, Effort and Encouragement’


 St Katherine House is an important part of our community at the Convent of Jesus and Mary. In St Katherine we focus on promoting a holistic approach to school life such as academic, social, sporting, leadership and responsibilities. We aim to show spirit and strength in what we do, while sacrificing to support those around us. As St Katherine sacrificed.

St Katherine’s Motto: One Spirit, One Team, One Win


Our house colour is an amazing purple!

Our house song is ‘Hall of Fame’ by The Script.





About St Katherine

  • Katherine was born in Alexandria, Egypt
  • She came from a noble family in Egypt, when it was occupied by the Roman Empire.
  • As a child and woman, she focussed on her learning. Which was difficult at a time when women’s education wasn’t valued.
  • She worked in the home spinning, sewing and praying through the night.
  • She argued with the Emperor Maxentius. For this she was tortured and starved.
  • The angels came and tended to her wounds
  • When she was finally executed she stood strong and devote.


St Katherine – Feast day 25 November 

The Prayer of St Katherine:

Glorious St Katherine,
Virgin and martyr,
Help me to imitate your love of purity.
Give me strength and courage
In fighting off the temptations
Of the world and evil desires.
Help me to love God with my whole
Heart and serve Him faithfully.
O St. Katherine,
Through your glorious martyrdom
For the love of Christ,
Help me to be loyal to y faith
And my God as long as I live.



House Day Activities



St Katherines – Lock down stories



Rainbow on pavement – Aliaa

Some of Us – Maya

Cornavirus story – Patrycja


Lockdown Self-portrait – Mehad


A CovidStory -Simran 11K

I wonder when it will get over

Man, and women self-isolated.

In everybody it spreads

Man, women and infant children.

I wonder when it is over

I feels like I am trapped here forever

Here I am in the ghetto

Trying to stay away from the matter

There is silence all over

And no one has the power

No conflict no war

But still kills millions

I wonder when I am back

To be me myself

Friends, neighbours, affected

And therefore, everyone is distanced.

I wonder this had never happened

And we all could stay united

Hope still in everyone

Praying for peace all around