At CJM we have six Houses. Students in each Year Group are allocated to one of the six Houses – Angela, Cecilia, Florentina, Katherine, Matilda, and Seraphina – named after female saints.  When assigned to a House in Year 7, students represent that House for the rest of their time at the Convent.
Each House is led by a Head of House:

Angela: Ms Pearce
Cecilia: Ms Thuny
Florentina: Ms Jaafary
Katherine: Mr Duggan
Matilda: Ms Michael
Seraphina: Ms Ziff

The House system provides a wide range of opportunities for students to participate in social activities, charity work and an ever increasing number of inter-house competitions and a House day at the end of every term.  Most of these carry points which, along with achievement points lead to an annual presentation for the winning House.
The current points tally (as of 25.01.2021) is shown below.