The Convent of Jesus and Mary is committed to making appropriate provision for the teaching and learning of students for whom English is an additional language. The overall purpose of the EAL provision is to enable students to attain a level of English that will allow them to access the wider curriculum up to GCSE and A level studies.


The school provides an education for all, which acknowledges and is enriched by the diversity of ethnicity, culture and faith of its pupils. We believe that the curriculum should reflect this diversity and that successful education is achieved by sharing the experiences and cultural backgrounds of all children.

Our vision is to create a learning environment that encompasses a varied range of teaching and learning strategies, multicultural and multilingual resources, displays, and whole school celebrations that embrace a wide range of world cultural events, thus allowing all children to experience, understand and celebrate diversity according to values of St Claudine.

We offer language support to those at an early stage of learning English, as well as to students who have more advanced language skills. EAL students are encouraged to sit a GCSE, AS or A level in their home language.

On arrival students complete an interview and initial assessment with the EAL Coordinator which determines their curriculum setting.

EAL students with no English skills and / or illiterate in their native language receive structured intervention. EAL specialist teachers provide the students with an intensive structured programme of English literacy. For the rest of their timetable EAL students join the mainstream classes. The progress of EAL students is closely monitored and students are moved up to higher sets as they make progress.

In KS4 students with limited English skills study option subjects that support learners whose first language is not English, helping them gain the communication skills needed to progress in education and transfer skills across other subjects.

EAL students who don’t require intensive EAL intervention join mainstream classes and are subject to staff regular monitoring. Teachers and Learning Support Assistants are responsible for differentiation to meet the needs of EAL students.

The EAL coordinator systematically liaises with teaching and support staff to assure the teaching and support quality for EAL students.