Student Voice and Leadership Opportunities


Sixth Form students, as the most senior learners in our community, are a valuable resource in terms of their energy, creativity and insight, as such we encourage them to take an active role in promoting and supporting the school ethos and giving back to school community. These include representing their house in the Convent Parliament, taking on the role of Academic Mentors to lower school students and becoming Faith Leaders to support the chaplaincy. An opportunity unique to 6th Form is when, in the Spring term of Year 12, students can apply to become part of the Student Leadership Group which is made up of the Head Girl and her Deputies. Applicants apply in writing, present their candidacy in hustings and are interviewed by the Headmistress and School Governors. The successful candidates form a team that works across the school to provide a link between staff and students in all year groups to support a range of events and projects.


“To be appointed Head Girl is a great privilege, I am so grateful to represent and serve my school. I am excited to contribute towards the Convent’s vision of being an ethnically and socially inclusive school that celebrates the achievements of all students equally.  This school has helped me grow into the young woman I am today, it has given me a voice and confidence to have high aspirations and achieve them; being Head Girl is my opportunity to give back to my community.”


Studying A-Levels in English, History and Politics.