Spiritual growth

Just as our students are supported on a personal level by opportunities for prayer and reflection, the challenges of the year are recognised and alleviated with the nourishment provided by retreats, liturgical celebrations and opportunities for spiritual renewal through acts of service and Christian love. The annual participation in the Lourdes Pilgrimage and the Felixstowe retreat to visit the Religious Sisters of Jesus and Mary are events that are strongly valued by our Year 12 and 13 students.


“For someone who grew up in a non-religious household, it was somewhat unexpected that my visit to stay with the religious of Jesus and Mary in Felixstowe turned to be one of the most enjoyable trips I have been on in my time at the Convent.

What impressed me was that everyone felt moved and the family spirit that we talk about in school and try to share every day, could be felt in a beautiful and moving way in our interactions with each other, our teachers and with the Sisters.”


Studying A-Levels in French, Italian and Business.



Core RE

All 6th Form students attend one lesson per week of Religious Education which covers a range of themes across the two years which build upon the GCSE knowledge and skills learnt in pervious years.


“The Convent of Jesus and Mary places as much emphasis on the pastoral care and faith development of the child as we do on academic excellence, which is why we have Core Religious Education on timetable for all sixth form students. During these lessons we learn about the moral dilemmas and challenges people face all around the world every day, explore how faith and doctrine can support and enhance our life experiences and develop our understanding of the principles and practices of different religions. I think these lessons are great for developing our understanding of the peoples of the world and put our experiences and those of our families into a wider context.”


Studying A-Levels in History, Politics and English Literature