Personal growth



Young people are leaving school to enter an increasingly competitive world of further education, training and work. We provide enrichment opportunities to enable our students to develop personal and life skills. Enrichment is a compulsory session and options are on a termly or yearly basis depending on the activity. Sports, visual arts, performing arts and volunteering with children are examples of some of the opportunities on offer this academic year. Activities can be based at CJMLC, at one of the Consortium schools or out in the wider community. The curriculum experience is further enriched through trips to Universities, theatres, exhibitions lectures and retreats that allow them time to reflect on their values, passions and aspirations.


The Extended Project Qualification: EPQ

Student on a Level 3, 2-year pathway also complete an EPQ. This is an opportunity for students to develop their own academic or cultural interests in a self-directed 4000-word project. Students manage their research and project development, use a wide range of academic and journalistic resources, plan and write up their project and finally present a reflection on their learning journey to staff and students. This highly respected qualification is worth half an A Level and is therefore worth up to 28 UCAS points.


“I did the Extended Project Qualification or EPQ because I knew it would make me stand out from other students when applying for University. I later found out that some universities reduce entry grades if a student has done an EPQ as it is worth UCAS points. I enjoyed that fact that I could choose my own topic, because it encourages independence and curiosity about the world.

My EPQ was about the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and all the information I acquired has been very beneficial when it comes to understanding the context and impact of international events in my A Levels in History and Politics. Not only does EPQ help build research skills vital for academic study, it develops your organisation, time keeping and essay writing skills.”


Studying A-Levels in Spanish, History and Politics.