School Parliament Members 2017-18

Who are we?

We have been elected to be the voices of the students of the Convent of Jesus and Mary.

We are representatives form Year 7 – Year 13.


Year 7:

Hannah Kuniqi

Ernastine DeGrano

Year 8:

Litea Waqairavoka

Anna Katerina Souza Mota


Year 9:

Matylda Komacka

Deneeka Palmer


Year 10:

Alice Allen

Nia Patrice


Year 11:

Sia Yambasu

Carla Moura

Sixth Form:
Gabriella Abreu, Frankie Busby and Anita Abouchala – year 12
Nin Toure and Samira Monteleone- year 13

How are we elected?

We are elected by the student body through hustings where students give a speech to their year group assembly.

We run a roll on roll off system so that every year we have some new members and some old members to help maintain consistency over time. Students are elected for two years.


When do we meet?

We meet on Fridays with Mr Doel & Ms Paisley during the Pastoral period, during which we discuss the problems and solutions to those problems within the school.


How can you hear about us?

We have a Student Council Noticeboard on the ground floor of Our Ladies Wing.  We have also our own page on the website as well as on Fronter. Student Council member also wear yellow bagdes so we are easier to recognise.


How do we work?

We try to work on longer campaigns not just every day matters.  Our current campaign is:

Increasing social opportunities for students and teachers to work together to make leaning more fun and interesting.      


What qualities do we possess?

We are confident, comfortable speakers. All of us are role models to the school and we embrace our titles. We are popular throughout the school and have good relationships with all students. The student council are diverse and we all have good ideas to bring to the school. We are currently working on improving our effectiveness.


Recent achievements

  • We have worked together and worked with teachers to implement a new style of Learning Review where Lead Learners and other students get to express their views and identify two action points for each department to work on.
  • Every year we work with the Teachers’ International Working party to help support the Cultural Diversity Day.  This is a great success.
  • We have developed skills and created ourselves role e.g. Chairman and secretary, to help with organization and effectiveness. We have also developed personal relationships with each other outside of our meetings.
  • We are more organized and have developed consistency in showing up to meetings and putting hard work into them.
  • The student council has also become more student initiated and we have developed our capacity to take  responsibility for all of our campaigns to make them happen.
  • Last year we worked on our first formal campaign “Making Learning Fun & Interesting” by first identifying what we thought made a lesson fun and setting up structures to get the campaign across the school.  We identified 9 key essential ingredients that we wanted teachers to incorporate into their lessons to make them more fun and interesting.
  • We recently organised internet safety day in order to get students to recognise the dangers of the online world.